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Turn Players into Alpha Competitors

Do you struggle with Consistency?

Lack of consistency is actually the byproduct of lack of confidence. An undecisive player is always late and will make a ton of errors because of it. Do you want to learn to make good decisions?

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Do you glaze over Strategy?

The reality is few players understand strategy. They rely on power and basic side to side patterns but rarely understand how to play in all 4 dimensions. Care to try?

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Do you want to make Varsity?

Making varsity is not a difficult task in most schools. If you master our FITCAP methodology highlighted in this course, you will clearly know how to practice efficiently. It is not quantity, it's quality. Which will you choose?

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Last I Checked, No One Likes to Improve Slowly!

Hello, my name is Yann Auzoux.

I had my fun as a Davis Cup player, D1 competitor, and qualifier at pro events like the Citi Open.

As a tennis instructor, I have coached pro players, tots, and every level in between.

Recently, I helped a high school team to a 17-year winning streak, junior players to the top 3 nationally

and top 100 internationally, and pro players on both the WTA and ATP tours.

My online videos have garnered millions of views on YouTube.

Fun fact: I picked up tennis at 11 and joined the Davis Cup at age 16.
Why? I only realized later in my career the reason I rose so fast.

The Incubator Playbook distills the exact concepts that helped me decode the game of Tennis early.

If I give you the keys to the improvements superhighway, will you take it?

Do you want to improve Faster?

He Did!

  • Technically Complete

  • Strategically Dangerous

  • Mentally Tough

  • Creatively Sharp

  • Physically Strong

  • Varsity Level under 2 years

  • Wins at 6.5 UTR

  • All by the age of 9

This playbook gives you all the tactical principles that make players dominate the game of tennis.

Once you master the codes, you can spend the rest of your time finetuning your fitness, and acquiring competitive experience.

This program is only for committed players!

Are you ready to go ALPHA?

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